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So the male lead Caleb and one of the W.I.T.C.H. Girls are trapped under an avalanche. Trying somehow to dig their way out Caleb asks, “So don’t you have any spells or something to get us out of this?” She answered, “We’re not witches! It’s just our initials!” That exemplified perhaps the biggest misconception about W.I.T.C.H., likely shortening its TV series. If they had called the show “High School Elementals” or “Teenage Guardians” it may have avoided some of the inevitable comparisons to the popular franchise.

W I T C H The Mogriffs Part 1

This is partially because W.I.T.C.H. Was introduced to most Americans in 2005, a year after Winx Club debuted. It is not surprising then that the newly introduced thought it a Winx Club clone trying to cash in on the craze. In truth, while the W.I.T.C.H.

Gains new knowledge of their sorceress foe Nerissa, a former Guardian and one-time holder of the Heart of Kandrakhar. J is for Jewel Episode 10.

W I T C H Episode 1 Season 1

TV show did come later, the intellectual property started three years before Winx Club as a comic. Season One synopsis; 26 episodes in one sentence? Meridian is a dimension next to our own accessible only through magical portals and ruled by the despot Phobos who needs to increase his magical powers by stealing them from his sister who was secreted to Earth as an infant and where she coincidentally befriends 5 girls who rally around an ancient jewel and are transformed into the next generation of elementally powered guardians who are destined to defeat Phobos, look like fairies, and learn about boys. 'I'm Phobos, powerhungry sociopath. You knew I was the villain?

By Agnezmo On 22:40 Menit. W I T C H season 1 episode 23 The Battle of Meridian Plains MP3 By Agnezmo On 17:58 Menit. W i t c h season 1 episode 23 the bat. Five teenage girls learn that they have been chosen to guard the walls between parallel universes. For this purpose, they have been given the powers of the.

Darn this Dutch angle!' To W.I.T.C.H’s credit the writing was witty, interesting and consistent. Would that all three qualities were more common in one show. Additionally they fed the season arc often.

While there were few dedicated filler shows, even those touched upon the overall arc. The show was more mature than Winx, although the W.I.T.C.H. Girls appear to be younger. Winx drove a successful marketing machine that covered the globe in pre-teen girls backpacks, dolls and make-up kits.

W.i.t.c.h Season 1 Episode 22

Never hit that crescendo in North America, but neither did it originate as a television creation. It was not overly cute but rather focused more on teenage angst and high school issues. And then there's Blunk, a stereotypical garbage-loving sidekick. He was written well and consistently enough that we grew to like him. Blunk for President! The girls themselves were visually well designed.

The templates for them had already been established in the comics, and the sometimes troublesome transition to animation models was accomplished fittingly. However, the artistic integrity from episode to episode fluctuated and sometimes the results were not pretty. Not very often, but too commonly. Thanks for commenting Kandrakar. This is a subject with which you are obviously familiar.

You are technically right, Musa is not Asian. But her mother and dress point to Asian. None of the (pre-season 4) Winx girls are from Earth, but they have ethnic qualities to which you Earthlings can relate. We know of the argument put forth by the comic fans of W.I. Anne of green gables book series. T.C.H. On the other hand, the franchise was introduced to and enjoyed by far more new people via the TV show. That is just the way of today’s media. You are quite the nit-picker Kandrakar.

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