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Protection for every Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS device in your household. Good scores in hands-on tests. Perfect score in antiphishing test. 3 days ago  The first round of iPhone XR reviews were published by media outlets this morning. Below we've highlighted some of the key takeaways from around the web ahead of Apple's official iPhone XR launch.

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At IFA Berlin in August, ZENS three new Qi-compatible wireless chargers, including a Single Aluminum Wireless Charger, Dual Aluminum Wireless Charger, and Dual + Watch Wireless Charger. ZENS sent me the MFi certified Dual + Watch charger for the purpose of this review, and I've been using it as my main iPhone X and charging dock for the past week.

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The charger has a mat with support for up to two Qi-enabled smartphones, including the, 8 Plus, X, and later devices. Each section of the mat has a max total output of 10W, so the Dual + Watch Charger does support Apple's 7.5W fast charging feature for the iPhone. Sitting above the mat is a perch for Apple Watch with a built-in inductive charging puck, which supports all models of Apple Watch. Daily Use In my testing, the ZENS Dual + Watch dock has performed just as well as other wireless chargers I've owned over the past few months from Belkin, RAVPower, and Mophie, with a few pros in comparison to those brands, and some cons.

To start with pros, I've found the ZENS stand to be quite lenient in regards to positioning of my iPhone on the mat. Of course, a nice symmetrical position over the designated power logos is ideal, but even when I threw my iPhone on the stand off-kilter a charge was registered. Amarra symphony 3.0.45 for mac.

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I mostly use Belkin's Boost UP wireless charger, which is one of the more finicky Qi mats and requires a very specific iPhone position for charging, so I was happy that ZENS allowed for a bit of a messier approach. The mat is also wide enough for both iPhones to sit comfortably askew, but still small at 7 inches long by 3 inches deep (the Apple Watch perch is also about 3 inches high). The Dual + Watch Charger's ultra-slim base (8mm thin), soft edges, and shiny black aluminum finish make for an overall great looking accessory that meshed well with most rooms in my apartment. Both iPhones are still charging in this position I used it next to my bed to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch at night, placed it on my kitchen counter for a few days, and lastly had it on my desk. There are two LEDs on the bottom front of the dock, but they aren't very bright and never bothered me during the night, which is a major bonus as some Qi mats I've liked have become essentially useless due to extra-bright LEDs at night. The placement of the LEDs also ensures that the iPhone is always preventing the dim light from shining upwards. The surface of the mat itself is made out of a soft rubberized material that has a nice matte finish, which keeps a grip on the iPhones while they're charging.

This area of the mat also captured fingerprints every time I picked up and placed down an iPhone, but it was never so bad that it began to bother me, and in certain lighting conditions they were harder to see. While I like the simplicity of the design of the Dual + Watch Charger, a few complications emerged when using the mat to its full capacity. With two iPhones and an Apple Watch on the dock, it was difficult to check the screen of the iPhone on the left due to the band of the Apple Watch hanging down on the smartphone. This can be alleviated by tightening the band before hanging it on the stand, but that's easier for some bands (Sport Loop, Milanese Loop) than it is for others with two separate parts (Sport Band, Classic Buckle). I mainly use Sport Loop bands, so this wasn't much of a concern in my testing, but it was definitely an added step to my usual Apple Watch charging process.

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