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About Me: My primary mission will be to guide readers in the quest to master their Apple gear. In addition, I’ll be reviewing accessories, gadgets and consumer electronics and providing commentary on the world of consumer technology.

I began my career at the Richard Ivey Business School in Canada, transitioned to running the product management team at one of Canada’s largest financial technology companies and finished out office life as a senior research analyst. Along the way I got my Apple certification and began amassing cool gear. For the past decade I have been writing about technology-related subjects, contributing to outlets that include: Wired, InvestorPlace Media, MSN Money, Shaw Media, and a weekly tech column in The Winnipeg Free Press.

In addition I am the computing solution editor for Best Buy Canada’s Plug-in blog and one of the original writers for the award-winning GeekDad blog. The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. Note: This post has been updated since it was originally published to reflect revised MacBook compatibility. Most of us who rely on a laptop for work don’t actually use it on our lap. It’s more commonly sitting on a desk.

Yu gi oh tag force 6 patch fr pes. Of course, a stand for your MacBook or MacBook Pro is a more than a tool to show off your toy: stands can optimize space, reduce desk clutter, protect it from spills and the chaos of your desk, help with storage, or even just add to the overall aesthetic of your office, depending on the style you. To make themselves sound cooler and edgier, they changed their name to MAC. Which means that MAC is an acronym for Makeup Art Cosmetics. Mac users who need access to corporate resources such as e-mail or client/server applications simply connect to a standard Internet browser and select the application they need based on a set of Web resources defined by their system administrator.

One of our favorite features about Apple Watch is the reminder to stand up every hour, and get us up from our desks and moving around a little. Stand's a little app we built to send you a notification every hour to do just that, right on your Mac.

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And for many people (myself included) it’s being used in place of a traditional PC. That means the laptop essentially becomes a display, with a wireless keyboard and mouse being used for input. This setup can be an ergonomic nightmare unless you raise that laptop up on a stand, bringing the display closer to eye level.

There are plenty of laptop stands to choose from, but the is different. It brings a minimalist design aesthetic and the warmth of solid wood. This stand has the goal of optimizing ergonomics with an Apple laptop, but wants to add a bit of beauty to your workspace while doing so.

Unboxing and Initial Impression The Yohann wood stand for MacBook arrives simply packaged in a plain cardboard box. Inside, was a beautifully finished chunk of Walnut. The wood’s natural grain popped, the entire object is precisely cut, sanded smooth and finished with an oil that brings out the color without making it unnaturally shiny. The Yohann wood stand for MacBook (in Walnut) gives few visual clues to its purpose. The only hints to what it might actually be used for are a thin strip of black nonslip material on the lip, and the Yohann logo inscribed on the bottom. When I showed it to people, they agreed it looked very nice, but had no idea what it actually was.

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Northwind mdb download. This is a stand that is actually unable to “stand” on its own. Set it bottom down and let go, and it will immediately tip over. To use it, you open a MacBook, insert the front edge of the laptop under a grooved lip, then tilt the whole thing back. With the weight of the laptop, the stand is now balanced.

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It looks like there’s no way it should work, but it does. It also looks as though it would eventually bend the laptop case, since a lip of wood clamping down on the edge means a very tiny section of the surface is supporting all the weight, but all Apple laptops are made of CNC machined aluminum. They can take it. In action, the Yohann stand is like no other laptop stand you’ve seen, integrating with the MacBook to form what looks like a sleek aluminum and wood sculpture. But it also fulfills the function of raising the MacBook so the display is closer to eye level. And with no surface to sit on, the bottom of the laptop should cool more easily. All ports are also clear of obstruction.

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