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Don't just stop with installing; why not look at other ways to reduce your power bill even further? This is a list of basic steps that you can take to lower your power bills even further. Fallon Solutions can help you with some of these items, however the rest is up to you being proactive in order to achieve improved savings for your family. • Implement a strategy of changing your energy using behaviour around your home to use more free solar power during the daytime. Get the whole family thinking about energy usage?

Voltaic solar panel

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• Photo-voltaic Cells – These photodevices generate an emf in proportion to the radiant light energy received and is similar in effect to photoconductivity. Light energy falls on to two semiconductor materials sandwiched together creating a voltage of approximately 0.5V. The most common photovoltaic material is Selenium used in solar cells. Related titles. PV International Industry Research Final.

• Have an carried out on your premises. (Fallon Solutions can help with this one) • Upgrade any high energy-using devices to lower energy using models where possible (Light bulbs, hot water systems, air conditioners etc). (Fallon Solutions can help with this one) • Stop using standby on your electrical devices. Turn them off properly.

• Set your temperatures of your air conditioners between 23 and 25 degrees and heaters between 18 to 20 degrees. Every one degree can make about 10% difference to your costs. • Switch off at bedtime your heaters and coolers or use a timer if possible.

Full edition wondershare streaming audio recorder latest software. Do you really need them on all night after your asleep? • Close the doors of rooms that don’t need cooling or heating, (bathroom and laundry etc) as this could prevent up to 75% of heat loss in your home. • Draught proof your home by installing draught stoppers to your exit doors and sealing any air leaks and gaps in windows etc. This could save up to 25% on your cooling or heating bills. (Fallon Solutions can help with this one) • Wash your clothes in cold water.

There are good detergents available that wash just as well in cold water. • Use the clothes line instead of your clothes dryer as they burn up a lot of energy. • Install as they can save you an estimated $200 to $250 per year.

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