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I'm reaching out to the community here because EFI has been completely unhelpful here. Although we are dealing with Canon printers, the issue isn't Canon in this case. Our Canon rep has been more than helpful in trying to get answers from EFI, but ultimately EFI isn't offering much up in terms of a solution which to me is absolutely insane considering their customers are in the enterprise. The new Fiery drivers for OS X 10.11 El Capitan state that older Fiery drivers need to be uninstalled before installing the new drivers otherwise there will be some problems which are documented in their release notes.

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The uninstaller is of course a part of the driver download, but it's all GUI. Release notes: Has anyone figured out a way to use their uninstaller to uninstall Fiery drivers through the command line silently? Obviously manually uninstalling software does not scale. I've thought of doing a before and after snapshot to see what is installed by drivers, but that certainly won't include any logic built into their uninstaller. Zawgyi one ttf download for android. I've also made a thread about it here: P.S.

I just need to add that I really really hate EFI. What a horrible company to deal with. Absolutely atrocious support. Can you use composer to snapshot an uninstall then go back into the 'Snapshots' folder and use the items listed in 'Deleted Files' to create an uninstall script? You can even right click on the Deleted Files list and it will offer to make a post flight script for you. You could either load that script in an empty package and run it as an uninstaller or load it as a preflight script in the new install package you make.

Just an idea. I've had to do it for bluecoat in the past when they were installers and uninstallers. I'm aware that's always an option, but its.dirty. I would lose the logic built into the uninstaller which knows how to detect its own drivers whether old or current along with print queues using those drivers. It's bad enough their installer has to be modified to be deployed properly, but if I follow this then I'm essentially attempting to recreate their uninstaller which may or may not cover every scenario of what drivers/versions may be installed on the client.

More ways to shop: Visit an Apple Store, call 1-800-MY-APPLE, or find a reseller. Fiery application and print driver support for Mac OS 10.10 EFI is in the process of releasing the following updated software to support Mac OS 10. Noten download ich will keine schokolade trude herr. 10: Fiery Printer Drivers - EFI will begin posting updated drivers versions on October 17 in the Download Center.

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This isn't meant at you of course, it too much to ask to have command line options available when your customers are in the enterprise? Its nuts that we pay for this POS. And I just checked on my thread on the EFI forums and they posted helpful information!!! Here's the link: and the text for historical archiving: Fiery Software Uninstaller [Commandline] During silent uninstallation, FSU will not ask for any confirmation from user like closing running applications, asking for retaining preferences etc. In case if any application is running, it will close it and proceed for uninstallation without any confirmation from the user. Usage: sudo FSU -s CurrentUserName Flag [options] *CurrentUserName can be provided as ”$USER ” or `whoami`. It is used to get the location of the user specific Library/Preferences folder.

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