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Type in the text you want to appear in your card. Click 'Make my card.' Print your card on cardstock and fold it so that the picture appears on the front and the text appears on the inside. Create a card using Microsoft Word Download a free quarter-fold greeting card template from Avery. (See Resources.) Click 'Download Template.' Type in your information in the popup window.

Hp2133 drivers for mac. Open the document using Microsoft Word. Insert pictures or add text to each of the four boxes in the document to create your own card.

Beautiful Quarter Fold Card Template comes with a charming quote and bright red color. This template will appeal to almost everyone. The quarter fold makes it look like a proper greeting card. Hp greeting card quarter fold template open office folding birthday for mac,quarter fold greeting card template word hp blank folding birthday free printable cards for mom in,blank quarter fold greeting card template word holiday icons for publisher birthday hp,quarter fold birthday card template free aviation greeting photoshop word,quarter.


Tall Quarter Fold Greeting Card Template can be downloaded in word format and is a simple four fold card on plain white background. The card is in rectangle shape and is ideal for most occasions. Make a Quarter Fold Document in Word 2007 or 2010 Go to the Page Layout tab and click the dialog launcher in the bottom right corner of the Page Setup group. The Page Setup dialog box will open. Free quarter fold card template word birthday greeting for mac. Quarter fold greeting card template photoshop word printing your own birthday free,quarter fold birthday card template lovely folds templates blank greeting for mac free,quarter fold greeting card envelope template photoshop free printable folding birthday cards best images on within,quarter fold greeting card template word.

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Input text using wordart on the drawing toolbar. Douyuformac. Select 'rotate or flip' under the 'Draw menu' on the drawing toolbar.

Rotate the text so it is upside down in the top two boxes. Print your card on cardstock when you are finished designing it. Fold the card so that the two lower boxes of the document create the front and back of the card, while the two upper boxes create the inside of the card.

You can create a half-fold card in Word for any occasion. Step Open a new document in Word 2007. Step Select the 'Page Layout' tab from the ribbon. Click the dialog box launcher at the bottom of the 'Page Setup' group. The 'Page Setup' dialog box displays.

Step Go to the 'Pages' section under the 'Margins' tab. Then select '2 pages per sheet' from the pull-down menu and click 'OK.' Step Select the 'Page Layout' tab and choose 'Breaks' and 'Page' from the 'Page Setup' group, or press 'Ctrl+Enter' to insert a page break. Your cursor automatically moves to the second page. Step Insert the contents you wish to add, such as the invitation details, meeting reminder, or thank you note, on the second page. Step Highlight any text you want to format.

Avery Quarter Fold Cards Template

To bold important details you want people to see, click the 'Bold' button in the Mini Toolbar. To change the text color, click the 'Font Color' button in the Mini Toolbar. Step Select 'Insert' from the ribbon. Then click 'Picture' (to insert an image) or 'Clip Art' (to insert clipart) to personalize the card. Step Press the 'F7' key to spell-check your work.

Then click the 'Save' button in the Quick Access Toolbar. The 'Save As' dialog box opens. Enter the filename you want the card saved as, then click 'OK.'

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