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A manual Moodle LMS installation is the recommended method for small to medium Moodle implementations; or in other words, those organizations who plan to use Moodle for small projects. It should be noted that Windows is not the recommended platform for large Moodle LMS installations, as it does not have the storage capacity to hold the data from your Moodle site. If you plan to hold more than 2 billion records in your Moodle databases, we recommend considering an operating system with 64-bit support. The following steps for installing Moodle are intended for skilled IT professionals.

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If you do not have technical skills or Moodle experience in-house, reach out to us and we’d be more than happy to have your Moodle site implemented for you. Plan System Capacity Before getting started with your Moodle LMS installation, you will first need to know which hardware is going to best support your users and data.

Welcome to Moodle @ Mac: MacMurray College's home for online learning! If you are looking for our main website. Now you can access your MacMurray College courses with the Moodle app! To get started, download the Moodle app from your device's app store. Once you have the app installed. 19 rows  Moodle packages for Mac OS X. These packages contain Moodle plus all the other software needed to make it run on a Mac: Apache, MySQL and PHP. Download dmg. Moodle 3. Football manager 2015 15.3.2 - cpy. 0.10 MOODLE_30_STABLE 1 year 160 days ago: Moodle4Mac 3.0.10 Support for this branch has been discontinued.

Is the recommended option as it will support any amount of users and will ensure your Moodle site doesn’t crash if you exceed your capacity. Install Database Server Now that you know your capacity, it is time to install your database server. The three databases recommended by Moodle are MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL. Please not if you plan to use Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or Oracle, this is not recommended due to system incompatibilities. Install Web Server There are also a few different options for installing your web server, which is the next step in your Moodle LMS installation. Apache 2 is the recommended web server to use with Moodle because it has been tested and verified. IIS 7/8 has also been used in the past but has not been tested for the same reliability as Apache 2.

Install PHP When installing PHP on your chosen operating system, be sure to follow best-practices. If on a IIS 7/8 server, use Microsoft’s Web Platform installer. Download Moodle & Copy Files into Place Download and copy the Moodle files from. There are a number of different places you can obtain Moodle’s open source code from. It is highly suggested that you download the standard version from Moodle as your site will be better supported for security and bug fixes. Once downloaded, a directory called “moodle” will appear which contains a number of files and folders.

If you want your moodle site to be located at, place the entire folder in your web server’s documents directory. If you want your moodle site to be located at, you can copy all content straight into the main web server documents directory. Create Moodle Data Directory & Secure Database You will need to create a data directory to store all of our Moodle files (this includes uploads, cache, session data, even temporary data).

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Once you have created a Moodle data directory, you will want to take appropriate measures to secure this data. To begin, ensure that your directory is NOT accessible directly via the web. If you are hosting Moodle internally, create an empty database for the installation. If you are outsourcing hosting, find a web-based administration page for databases as part of the control pane. It is recommended that you outsource your hosting to a specialized Moodle hosting vendor 7. Begin Moodle Install Run the installer to create Moodle database tables so you can configure your new site!

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