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I'm a long time hobbyist using M/S Visual Studio but am trying to get away from ASP.Net. I have installed Aptana Studio 3 and get everything working on an HTML5 web page except PHP. The test website consists of a single index.html, a single javascript to access the PHP and a single PHP page to respond to the javascript. I uploaded the 3 files to my domain's server and it worked correctly. Using Aptana 3, I put the 3 files in a new PHP project but I get 'No PHP executables defined' when I try to preview the project.

I searched the web but get no help. Good email client for mac. Some info seems to say PHP interpreter should already be installed with Aptana, others say you have to do it separately. Still, others say I have to install WAMP. I was unable to decipher the Aptana website documentation to resolve the problem.

Any help on how to set up / configure Aptana Studio 3 to properly preview an Html5 website with PHP would be appreciated. Thank you for responding.

On my Windows 7 64 bit machine, I found it correspondingly in C: Users[USER] AppData Roaming Appcelerator Aptana Studio. There then was a file called AptanaStudio3.exe which starts Aptana Studio, as expected. Go to Windows -> Preferences -> Aptana Studio -> Editors -> PHP -> PHP Interpreters and click on Add Button and fill the form for PHP Interpreter as shown below.The wizard for PHP interpreter ask the location where we have installed PHP for php.exe and php.ini files. It supports HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python. Aptana is open source development tool for the open web, similar to DreamWeaver.

I have 'installed' PHP 5.4 in directory c:/php and listed the interperter as 'c:/php/php.exe'. I have also installed Xampp. I no longer get the 'No PHP executables defined' but the php file still does nothing. I made a very simple 'index.php' that has the normal html5 boilerplate and one simple php echo statement.

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The HTML is processed but the php is simply ignored. I also installed NetBeans but no better luck with it ('localhost:8000 not found'). Any ideas or maybe you can point me to a tutorial someplace with step-by-step instructions. – Feb 10 '13 at 17:37 •. I believe for Xamp you have to put your Aptana Studio projects under the Apache folder '/htdocs', and check that the conf httpd.conf file has a setting to look in that folder for your projects (I think it's called DirectoryFile or something). There should also be php settings in httpd.conf as well. I have Aptana Studio 3 working with WampServer after similar troubles.

I just installed WampServer, then moved my projects under the /www folder of WampServer and everything just works. If you are trying to change the port number to run Apache under, you can just change the port in httpd.conf. – Feb 11 '13 at 1:12.

I am trying to add an external browser to Aptana Studio 3 from preferences/Web Browsers and then NEW, which gives me the 'Add External Browser' dialog. When using the 'browse' option to point Aptana to Safari in the Applications folder, it gives me a 'The location value is not a valid path name' error. Location shows as: /Applications/ If I change that to: /Applications/Safari/Contents/MacOs/ its still gives me the error. What should the correct pathname be?

Thanks OK found it: /Applications/ /Applications/Google Chrome /Applications/

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