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Review by Dale Jr. Photos by: Venue: Yes – Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Progressive rock took center stage Saturday night when one of the corner stones of the genre, Yes, returned to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom for the venue’s opening weekend.

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For someone that has seen the band three times previously, there was still something new for me to enjoy. The band was playing three albums in their entirety, of which was plenty of material that I had never heard live before. Also, the band was sporting a new lineup, and most notably, a new lead singer John Davison. Davison had previously fronted a progressive rock band called Glass Hammer.

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The tricky part about a long time band finding a new lead singer is whether or not the new singer sounds like the long time front man, in this case, Jon Anderson. The band’s previous singer, Benoit David, sounded so much like Anderson, that if you closed your eyes, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell Anderson and David apart. I don’t know where the band finds these new singers, or if they have a lab where they breed these guys, but Davison sounded eerily similar to Anderson as well, despite being under the weather. The band took the stage at 8pm to the sold out crowd and opened with close to 19 minute title track from Close to the Edge. Close to the Edge is the band’s fifth album, and the title track took up the whole first side of the original album. It was quite the song to open with, and I wasn’t quite sure what order they would play the three albums in. After the band opened with Close to the Edge, they then moved on to the next track from the album, And You and I; another great progressive rock song, which clocks in at ten minutes.

They then closed out the album with my personal favorite track from the Close to the Edge album, Siberian Khatru. Close to the Edge is a great album and the band did an amazing job pulling it off live. After a short ten minute intermission, the band came back and played Going For The One; an album that casual Yes fans might not be all too familiar with. I know that I wasn’t previous to the show.


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