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Hi AdBr1, To narrow down the issue, please provide us the information below, then we will try to check if we can reproduce it with the same steps: • How do you set the freeze panes? Freeze Panes/Freeze Top Row/Freeze First Column? Does the issue happens whatever you set the freeze panes? • Does the issue happen to all workbooks?

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How Do You Freeze Panes In Excel For Mac

Create a new workbook, does the issue occur? • Please go to Excel > About Excel to check the version.

For example, 16.9. Mp3 tag editor for mac. Please provide us the OS version as well. • Please provide us a video to show “Data entered into the cell previously either disappears or the frozen section is from another area in the sheet”.

How To Freeze Panes In Excel For Mac

This can let us know more clearly how the issue looks like. To protect your privacy, I have sent you a private message to collect them.

Freeze Panes In Excel Macro

Please access it via. • When did the issue happen, was there anything changed before that? In the meantime, to check if the issue is related to third-party, please try rebooting your system in safe boot to see the result: restart your Mac, then immediately press and hold the Shift key. The white Apple logo appears on your display. Release the shift key when you see the logo window. If your startup disk encrypted with FileVault, you might be asked to log in twice: once to unlock the startup disk, and again to log in to the Finder. Launch Excel in Mac safe boot to see if the issue persists.

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Freeze Panes In Excel 2016 For Mac

Actually, you can freeze panes without splitting the screen first. Just click on a cell then click on Window > Freeze panes. This will freeze the cells to the left of and above that cell. In the screen shown in your example, B4 would be the cell to click on first. I just signed up for the latest MS Office 365 Business Edition for my MAC through my ISP, Go Daddy. I assume it's 2016. I am unable to freeze several rows because the 'View' drop down menu only allows you 3 choices: 1. Unfreeze Panes. Freeze Top Row. Freeze First Column. I have tried all kinds of work-arounds with no luck. Tip: To know which cell to click, count up one from the rows and columns you want to freeze. Click View from the menu. Click Freeze Panes. Click Freeze Panes again.

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