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Starting from today, a WPF project that belongs to a solution with 20 projects, set all my references to missing I've just checked the MS suggestion and the other answers on Stackoverflow but none worked.I've tried to re-get solution from SVN, with no luck, other colleagues haven't got this problem. I've also tried to remove and re-add the references (System.Xml for example). But no way to make it work. Any suggestion?

Dll Import Broken After Upgrading To Unified Api Visual Studio

The registry keys exist and were created automatically, I deployed the addin using a clickonce publish package and I tried using the Visual Studio debugger. After enabling the user interface errors I started to get notifications about addin issues. If you are using Visual Studio 2010, then your program should not have a direct dependency on the Universal CRT or the related APISets (api-ms-win-core-*.dll). It is possible, however, that some dependency of your program now has a dependency on those APISets. I am not using Visual Studio to compile but the VB compiler from Roslyn, The Test framework is.NetCore 2.0 and the Forms Application is 4.7.1 Below are the references I include. I'm working on a project involving the Microsoft Unified Communications Client API; uccapi.dll. I'm also using Codegear C++Builder 2010, not Visual Studio. After registering the dll with regsvr32 and importing it as type library into C++Builder 2010, uccapi_tlb- and uccapi_ocx-files were generated. Volume serial changer magebot.

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Thanks UPDATE #1 Here's the csproj. Packages Catel.Core.4.2.0 lib net40 Catel.Core.dll True.

Packages Catel.Extensions.Controls.4.2.0 lib net40 Catel.Extensions.Controls.dll True. Packages Catel.Extensions.FluentValidation.4.2.0 lib net40 Catel.Extensions.FluentValidation.dll True. Packages Catel.Fody.2.8.0 lib portable-net4+sl4+wp7+win8+wpa81+MonoAndroid14+MonoTouch40 Catel.Fody.Attributes.dll True. Packages Catel.MVVM.4.2.0 lib net40 Catel.MVVM.dll True. Packages MethodTimer.Fody. Lib portable-net4+sl5+wp8+win8+wpa81+MonoAndroid16+MonoTouch40 MethodTimer.dll False. Packages Microsoft.Bcl.Async.1.0.168 lib net40 Microsoft.Threading.Tasks.dll True. Packages Microsoft.Bcl.Async.1.0.168 lib net40 Microsoft.Threading.Tasks.Extensions.dll True.

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