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​ + How to Switch Search Engines on Mac OS X and iOS (And Why You Should) Posted on March 19th, 2015 by If you're like most people, you search the web a lot. Google handles more than, or 3.5 billion per day, or more than 1 trillion searches every year. Your share of that may be small: if you're just an average person, you may search the web 3-5 times a day, but some of us, such as writers, may perform several dozen searches in a single day when researching articles and books. Searching the web is free. But nothing is really free. In exchange for providing you with such a powerful tool, Google collects data about you.

It creates a unique profile of you, of your interests, your medical conditions (because _everyone_ searches Google when they have health questions), and your browsing activity, and uses this to provide carefully targeted ads. It also tracks the websites you visit, ensuring not to miss anything you do. This is why you often see ads related to your web searches.

Internet search engines for mac

For example, you may have a question about your pet, and use Google to find the answer. You'll end up seeing ads for pet food on various web pages. Google is the biggest advertising provider on the web, and millions of websites use Google Ads. So by storing information about you on Google's servers, the company can know which ads are most likely to interest you. (Of course they don't know if that search about the cat was really for a friend or neighbor, in which case the ads are incorrectly targeted.) In other words, using a search engine is the same as giving away lots of private information about you, your habits, and your life.

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You may not want to do that. Search Engine Options You don't have to use Google: there are a few good alternatives, but most of them store information about you, to build the same kind of profile as Google does. (They just may not be used by such as aggressive an ad network as Google's.) You could use Microsoft's Bing, for example, or Yahoo!, or the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo.

Earlier this week, Apple tweaked the language on its Safari website to remove the claim that its web browser is the only one to offer non-tracking search engine DuckDuckGo as a built-in option. Feb 02, 2018  OSX Safari v11.0. Caterpillar forklift serial numbers year. 3 search engine can't be changed. Running on OSX10.12.6. Safari - Preferences - Search - (dropdown menu) Always reverts immediately to duckduckgo when any another dropdown menu item is selected (Google, Bing, Yahoo).


Or, in certain countries, you may want to use a search engine more adapted to your culture. (Wikipedia has, including those that are country-specific.) You may even want to use specific search engines for certain types of searches. If you're searching for a job, there are.

Safari Search Engine For Mac

The right method to change the search engine is: Safari for Mac: Set your homepage in Safari In the Home page as shown with red arrow in the screen shot, enter the search engine, take your cursor on top menu bar > History > click on home. Safari is Apple's stylish, easy-to-use Web browser for its Mac OS. Safari for Windows lets PC users try Safari for themselves. Safari is a great way for Windows users to take a bite of the Apple.

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