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Hi I need help with Our Barcode Scanners that doesn’t work on our newly purchased computers from HP with Windows7 Pro x64 Operating Systems. The brand and model of the barcode scanner is: Datalogic Heron D130 USB. When you connect the scanner to the USB port, Windows will try to install this as an HID, but it takes an unusually long time, about 7-8 seconds, to start up the device and install the drivers and comes up as unknown device in windows 'devices and printers' And the hand scanner is not working. Sometimes when switching USB port back and forth can I sometimes get the hand scanner to be recognized as a HID device or a Datalogic barcode scanner, it works fine until you restart the computer.

After restart can’t the computer detect the Barcode scanner correctly without re-appears as unknown device. I suspect that there is a Compatibility issue between barcode scanner and the USB controller card on the computers. I have tried to upgrade all the drivers available on and even (chipset drivers) but nothing has helped to resolve this issue Have tried newly purchased barcode scanners and Older “used” barcode scanners that works on other computers, but the problem remains. Cisco

I have found a workaround by connecting barcode scanner into a USB-hub and then connect the USB-hub to the computer. And let the USB-hub take care of the communication with the barcode Scanner. In this case, it takes about 2 seconds for the Barcode scanner to come up correctly in windows under 'devices and printers' and then works flawlessly, even after a reboot.

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I have Googled after an answer after my issue but it seems I'm the only one experiencing this problem.?! Have bought more than 40 computers that have this problem. These were bought at different times and also from two different suppliers for Computer model are as follows HP ProDesk 400G1 P/N:D5S21EA Specifikations: Does anyone have any idea what it could be wrong and how to fix this?

Thanks in advance Sincerely Robert T. Thanks for the answer but I disagree, when configuring the barcode scanner, I need to choose whether the device will use USB KBD interface, meaning that the device will be detected by Windows as a USB keyboard. The driver you are referring to is if you choose to configure the barcode scanner as a virtual COM port over USB. For example, POS systems.

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Hi, we have the same problem on a HP Revolve810 computer. The thing we think we have discovered is that the Barcode Scanner (Heron D130) doesn't get enough power from the computer. When we connect the computer to a USB docking station and then connect the scanner to the docking station its works perfectly but when connected directly to the computer it doesn't.

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