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It's fairly easy - the basic idea is that you create a blank image using Disk Utility (make it big enough to at least hold your stuff - exact size doesn't matter), open that image using Finder, put your stuff in and arrange it the way you want it (use right-click and Show View Options to set things like icon size or background image). That's almost it - all that remains is to convert that r/w image into a compressed image: eject it and use Convert in Disk Utility to convert it into a compressed image.

None of the existing answers really did it for me; one answer is manual, and the two other options - iDMG and node-appdmg - both involve applescripting the finder which is not ideal. The best way to do this as an automatic build step is to create a template.dmg that looks exactly how you want (following the normal instructions, eg Simon Urbanek's answer, but not doing the last step of compressing it), then in your build script: • Use hdiutil to attach the image • Use cp etc to copy the application into the mounted image • hdiutil detach • compress the image: hdiutil convert 'in. Microsoft hup program code military. dmg' -quiet -format UDZO -imagekey zlib-level=9 -o 'MyApp-0.3.dmg' There's a makefile at that contains these steps. You can do that with Finder: • Download and unzip (I'm the one who created and uploaded it) • Resize the DMG file to the appropriate size (the appropriate size is usually its current size plus the size of file). To do this, open the disk utility (if you don't know how to do this, search for disk utility in Launchpad). Then click on 'Images' in the menu bar and choose 'Resize.' You will get a window to open a file, open the empty DMG file. • Double-click on the DMG file to mount it.

This video tutorial shows you step by step how to create a Disk Image (DMG) file to deploy your Mac OS X application bundle. The Disk Image file allows the user to simply drag the application icon. A.DMG file is a container file commonly used to distribute applications for Mac OS X. Installing software from one of these requires you to mount the image and move its contents to your computer’s “Applications” directory. Create the Managed Install on the K1000 When KACE sees a disk image as part of a managed install it will mount the image and install and packages contained on the drive. Because we uploaded a disk image to the software title that means we can leave the defaults for the managed install in place. The only way to install Mac Operating system on None Apple Devices is to create a config.plist file for that device. So there is a lot of config.plist file already created on the internet that is used for Hackintoshing.

A device on the desktop named Untitled should appear. Rename it to the name that you want (you probably want to give it the same name as your program). • Open that device. You should see something like this: If everything is white except the shortcut to the Applications folder, press Cmd+ J and a window will be opened. On the bottom of that window, there is a square with the label 'Drag image here'. Click on that square and an Open dialog will open. In that dialog, press Cmd+ Shift+ G and type /Volumes/ (whatever you called the device in step 3)/.image and select image.png.

Everything here except the shortcut to the Applications folder is just a background image. You might want to change the background image (which contains the background color and the arrow). To do so, open the file /Volumes/ (whatever you called the device in step 3)/.image/image.png in an image editor and edit it to whatever you want. After you've done this, you might need to unmount the device and remount it by opening the DMG file to see the changes. Depending on what you put in the image, you might also need to move the shortcut to the Applications folder around to fit the new background image.

File Extension Dmg Mac

Create-dmg is a command-line app that creates a good-looking DMG for your macOS app in seconds. This process usually requires a lot of manual work and decisions.

Open Dmg File On Mac

• Drag file to the beginning of the arrow in the window where the device from the DMG file is opened so that it looks like this: You might get an error saying that there isn't enough free space. If that's the case, go back to step 2 and resize the DMG file to a larger size. • Unmount the device by clicking on the arrow next to the device name in Finder: • Convert the DMG file to read only. To do this, open the terminal and type this (replace /path/to/dmg/file by the path to the DMG file and nameOfDmgFile.dmg by the name of the DMG file): cd /path/to/dmg/file hdiutil convert -format UDZO -o newNameOfDmgFile.dmg nameOfDmgFile.dmg This will create a new DMG file called newNameOfDmgFile.dmg (or whatever other name you used above), which is the file that you want.

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