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I have an excel document which I use as my data source to mail merge to a word document. Once I have linked the documents, I am finding that only the first 1 and 1/2 lines in the excel document is being picked up in the mail merge, with all information from remaining lines not appearing on the word document. How can the answer be improved?

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Thanks to help from Charles Kenyon I have been able to create a mailing Template. The list is 'there' and can be reviewed and it all looks good on the Preview. Afterbirth This is indicated on the Envelope preview below. The message is too small to read so I have written the message below: BUT. I'm not sure then how to instruct Word to print the list. When I click on Mail/Merge I get this message. It reads: 'In order to apply the selected envelope options, Word must delete the current contents of 'Tropi 1 - Address Envelope Template'.

Mail Merge Envelope Template


Create Envelopes By Using Mail Merge In Word For Mac

Any unsaved changes to this document will be lost. OK CANCEL If I click on OK. How do I print the envelopes from the list? It would appear that you are clicking on the Start Mail Merge dropdown, which I something that you would have done before Selecting the Recipients, etc.

How To Do Certificate By Using Mail Merge

What you need to do is click on the Finish & Merge dropdown in the Finish section of the Mailings tab of the ribbon. Then select the destination that you want to use for the merge - either Edit Individual Documents or Print Documents. I would probably suggest the Edit Individual Documents, which will create a new document with each of the envelopes in it, separated by a Section Break. That will allow you to check the envelopes if necessary and, by specifying the Sections that you want to print, by specifying the s#, print the envelopes in batches, or deal with issues that may arise when trying to have your printer print all of the documents in one go. Hope this helps, Doug Robbins - Word MVP [email protected] Screen shots by Snagit from

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