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Update: This post is part of a series. If you find this topic interesting, I recommend you read the two follow-ups as well: • • Apple has built its iBooks platform on the back of an open standard. With last week's introduction of iBooks 2.0 and the free iBooks Author software for Mac OS X, Apple is deliberately locking out that popular open standard.

Apple's behavior is a modern, sophisticated version of the behavior that got Microsoft in so much trouble in the 1990s: Enter a product category supporting a widely used standard, extend that standard with proprietary capabilities, and then use those differences to disadvantage competitors. (The strategy is even more effective if you have a dominant market position in another, related category that you can use for leverage. Think Windows in the 1990s, iPad in 2012.) If you read, write, or publish digital books, you should be concerned. I've already made my feelings known about the iBooks Author license agreement (it's ). The first reaction of Apple-watcher John Gruber, who knows the company better than anyone outside Cupertino, was that the new EULA represents (In a later post, he and wrote a complicated defense of Apple's actions.).

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IBooks Author is available for download in the Mac App Store. After downloading the free application, you have the average agreements shown that you must agree to, then you are shown the Template Chooser, as shown above. As the self-publishing industry grows larger, Apple’s iBooks Author (free) exists as a unique tool for publishing e-books than can reach a large audience of iPad, iPhone and Mac users. The iBooks format is also useful for showcasing and distributing content independent of the iBooks Store. Formatted incorrectly or is not a format that ibooks can open ibook formatted incorrectly ibook message it is formatted incorrectly, or is not a format that ibooks can open.

The iBooks format is ePub (or, as it's formally known by its caretakers, EPUB). Here's a snippet from the, as last updated December 22, 2011: In the original version of the FAQ, when iBooks was launched, Apple was even more definitive about the format: 'iBooks only uses books published in the ePub format.' An Inside iTunes page written by Apple at the same time is still available online.

It states in no undertain terms that 'the iBooks app uses ePub, the most popular open book format in the world.' Apple is quite proud of this fact, even bragging in the current version of the iBooks FAQ about its support for So, for nearly two years, Apple has wooed digital book publishers and authors with its unconditional support of an open, industry-leading standard. (The is managed by the [IDPF], of which.) With last week's changes, Apple is deliberately sabotaging this format. The new iBooks 2.0 format adds CSS extensions that are not documented as part of the. It uses a closed, proprietary Apple XML namespace. The experts I've consulted think it deliberately breaks the open standard.

Certainly Formatted Incorrectly Ibooks For Macbook


Related posts: • • • • • • First, there's the issue of mimetype, which defines how an ebook reader parses a digital book file. Baldur Bjarnason, an expert on digital publishing who earned a PhD for his work on ebooks and interactivity, says. But that 'mostly' is problematic: Apple’s new format is mostly ePub3. It has valid NCX and OPF files. The XHTML files are all XHTML5. It uses SVG extensively. The mimetype iBooks uses for these files is application/x-ibooks+zip.

In and of itself not bad news, but it is a clear indicator that Apple doesn’t want this to be treated like ePub. That is, they do not want to have to worry about making sure that the output of iBooks Author is readable in ePub reading systems. Safenet usb pro. Daniel Glazman, co-chairman of the W3C CSS Working Group,: It looks like an EPUB3 format. It smells like an EPUB3 format. But it's not at all an EPUB3 format and here's why.

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