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Updated October 3, 2017: • After a new round of research and testing, we’ve decided that our new external DVD drive pick is the LG GP65NB60. If that model is unavailable, get the LG SP80NB80 instead. Our external Blu-ray drive Show more • After a new round of research and testing, we’ve decided that our new external DVD drive pick is the.

  1. Best External Blu-ray Drive For Mac
  2. Blu Ray Drive For Mac Mini

Blu-ray discs are the gold standard in physical movie formats right now. Tomb raider underworld wii guide. You probably have a decent Blu-ray collection of your favorite movies, but without a Blu-ray drive, you can't play them on your Mac.

If that model is unavailable, get the instead. Our external Blu-ray drive picks, the and, remain the same, and if the Pioneer models are unavailable we recommend the. If the GP65NB60 (or any of its color variants) is unavailable, we recommend the because it is just as quiet, and it rips and burns DVDs at about the same speed. Roughly the same size as our top pick, the SP80NB80 has a matte case that shows fewer fingerprints.

It also connects via Micro-USB, a cable type that’s a bit easier to find and replace than Mini-USB. However, this drive costs significantly more than our pick when not on sale, and currently it’s available only at. Depending on the price, you might also have to pay for shipping.

Best External Blu-ray Drive For Mac

If you have a big Blu-ray collection to digitize and only rarely use DVDs, or if our Pioneer Blu-ray pick spikes in price, get the instead. Compared with our top Blu-ray pick, it’s about 30 percent faster at ripping Blu-ray discs—which comes out to around 15 minutes per disc—and slightly faster burning them, for about the same price.

Blu Ray Drive For Mac Mini

But if Blu-rays are more of an occasional need for you, and you mostly use DVDs, our top pick is a better choice. The LG WP50NB40 is also louder, and a bit larger and heavier, than the Pioneer drive. Kevin Purdy has been writing for Wirecutter since 2013, testing and assessing products both subjective and seemingly inscrutable. He has written guides to,,,, and many more items with small differences between them. Campbell hausfeld airless paint sprayer. Kimber Streams has covered technology for six years, and has been a PC expert for Wirecutter for more than three years.

They’ve tested hundreds of laptops, even more storage devices, and way too many peripherals—including wireless mice, mechanical keyboards, and optical drives. Who this is for. With the ubiquity of streaming services, cloud storage, and (slowly) increasing broadband speeds, many people no longer need optical discs, and most new laptops don’t have optical drives. But plenty of people still need to use such a drive occasionally, whether to play a movie on DVD or Blu-ray, install software that isn’t downloadable from the Internet, or back up data or a personal media library. If you still need an optical drive, but only sometimes, you’re better off getting one that connects via USB rather than buying a chunky laptop with a built-in drive. Over years of testing, we’ve found that external optical drives have few big differences between them—they tend to look alike and perform similarly.

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