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Bing is honoring what is said to be its most requested Bing Ads feature with the release of Bing Ads Editor for Mac. The software is now out of open beta testing, which it has been in since summer. Bing Ads Editor adds labels for Mac users & other features for Windows users The latest versions of Bing Ads Editor for Mac and Windows have new features.


Bing Ads Formation

By now it’s no secret that managing a Bing Ads account on a Mac isn’t the easiest thing in the world. For years now, a section of the PPC industry has been.

With more than double the votes of the next suggestion, it’s obvious this is a fiercely desired tool. Despite Bing’s work to listen to advertiser suggestions to improve their platform, it’s clear there’s a bit more going on here than simple compatibility issues. With no end in sight, it’s become obvious that to be a Mac user and manage your Bing Ads account, you’re going to have to stop holding your breath for a desktop editor. With that in mind, I want so share my best tips for managing Bing Ads without the use of an editor. Google AdWords Import Function No editor for Bing? I’ll take advantage of.

Whenever I’m looking to build new campaigns, import new keywords, or even start an account from scratch in both channels (Google and Bing), I always start by building my campaigns efficiently in AdWords Editor, then uploading them into Bing using the Google Import function. The step-by step-process is very simple and easy to follow. For new account pieces, I highly recommend using this function. That being said, there are some hiccups and best practices to keep in mind. Some of these pieces are intermittent problems, others are consistent, so it’s very important you always review your imported changes before setting them live.

The search bar in the upper-right corner of the App Store is useful for finding specific apps. Installer softwares for mac. To download and install an app from the App Store, click on the app name to open the app summary page.

Bing Ads Intelligence For Mac

Network Targeting Hiccup On more than one occasion of importing campaigns from Google, I’ve found that my Search Network only campaigns will be set to Search and Content networks in Bing Ads. Unfortunately, this is not something you can review during the import process so it’s imperative you run through the high level settings of your newly imported campaigns once they’re finished. Even more of a headache, this targeting option (while it lives at the campaign level in Google) lives at the ad group level in Bing Ads, so depending on your number of ad groups, you could be in for a large number of changes immediately after import. Location Targeting Hiccup For some reason, some locations aren’t communicated well from Google to Bing.

Even more unfortunate is that when this happens, the targeted location in Bing is defaulted to All Locations. So, you know, the whole world. Luckily, this setting is managed at the campaign level so it can be adjusted with more speed than the network targeting issue, but it’s still something to be aware of so you don’t blow through your entire budget in an hour. Best Practice Although the Google import function has settings to import New or Updated changes to your account, it’s usually not a best practice to use this function to simply keep your Bing Ads account in lockstep with your Google account. Each channel has very different audiences and can perform very differently. I would suggest using the import feature to bring in new builds, but then optimize your accounts separately off their own performance data.

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