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Submit anything pertaining to IRC and the reddit-related channels • Chat quotes are allowed and encouraged here. Preferably make them in a self post. Internet Relay Chat is a text-based chat protocol. Dooney & bourke factory outlet. Users from all over the world can connect to servers and discuss anything. Links • To connect, either: • • Download an, then paste the following url into your browser, or click the link below. It should open your installed client and join #Reddit • If you have trouble, please make a post. • port: 6667 - ssl port: 6697 IP addresses and hostnames are obscured for your privacy by default; to completely hide your host you can register with nickserv via /msg nickserv register password email. Emco msi package builder enterprise

Mar 18, 2006  Hi, I was wondering what irc clients people use here, and what you guys think is the best client. I'm new to this as well, so if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to use irc clients, that would be awesome. How to install quake with dosbox. Then irssi is for you, because it’s arguably the best irc client for the command line (or perhaps in general, sorry ircii, mirc, and ircle). Brew install irssi /join away! Best IRC Clients for Mac OS X: 3. One of the most powerful IRC client applications for Mac OS X, Textual is a breeze to use. Textual sports a stunningly designed multi-column UI, which, with its dark and light variants, is a sheer visual delight, especially on Retina devices. MIRC is one of the oldest and most established IRC clients on the internet. It works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP and has a nice load of features. It is a small install that takes mere seconds to download and install.

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