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The HD-TVI-D4V is a high definition (1080p HD) indoor dome surveillance camera with built-in infrared and varifocal lens. The HD-TVI-D4V is enclosed in an indoor dome housing.

Best Elp 2.812mm Varifocal Lens Hd 1080p Webcam For Mac

The 2.8 ~ 12mm varifocal lens provides the installer with the ability to adjust the angle of view of the camera from a very wide angle to a more narrow and zoomed in angle to focus on specific objects or areas. This camera uses an HD Sony Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor that is capable of capturing 1080P resolution ( 1920 x 1080 / 2 megapixel ) video surveillance over RG59 coaxial cable. As with all TVI cameras, they must be used with a. This infrared dome has 4 'giant' IR LEDs built in that automatically turn on when light levels are low.

The infrared night vision of this camera is capable up to 100 feet. The smart IR technology enables the camera to automatically adjust the intensity of the infrared based on the distance objects are located from the camera. For example, if a person is initially at a far distance, the IR intensity will be high and as the person gets closer to the camera, the intensity lowers so that the persons face does not get washed out. You can also. Professional and do-it-yourself Installers can easily access a menu (on-screen display) that allows them to adjust the camera's image settings using a joystick located on the camera. Digital Noise Reduction produces better image quality by removing graininess, especially useful in black & white mode when the IR LEDs are active.

Other settings such as brightness, gain, low light intensity (SENSUP) can also be adjusted using the OSD. This camera can be powered by a 12V DC or 24VAC power supply. For environments with bright backlighting, the HD-TVI-D4V has built-in Wide Dynamic Range Enhancement. WDR works by combining the brightest part of the image with the darkest part to create a single highly detailed image. The above video was captured by connecting an HD-TVI-D4V to an using. Please select 1080p video resolution in the lower right of the YouTube video player and watch in full-screen mode to see the best quality video.

All of the below images were captured by connecting an HD-TVI-D4V to an iDVR-PRO TVI compatible DVR. The above image was captured using the HD-TVI-D4V. The camera is ceiling mounted at CCTV Camera Pros demo studio at 9.5 feet high. All of the lights are on in the room so that the camera is operating in daytime / color mode. The above image was captured using the HD-TVI-D4V with all of the lights turned off on the room. The infrared LEDs that are built into the camera provide enough illumination to see this entire room clearly. Ronyasoft poster printer key.

However, instead of just passing this data in as payload, we insert the data into a JSON structure called factory. Rat forum rgd dashboard widget for mac.

This room is 29 feet by 30 feet. IOS Mobile App Viewing iPhone View The iDVR-PRO DVR that we used for testing supports remote viewing via mobile apps, users can log in from remotely over the Internet to view their camera live in HD video quality. Check out the below images to see this camera being viewed using the on an iPhone. Remote camera view from iPhone app with the camera in color / day time mode. Remote iPhone app view with the camera in infrared / night vision mode. Android Mobile App Viewing These images were captured while using the. The camera is connected to an iDVR-PRO DVR and we are accessing the DVR remotely over the Internet.

960H varifocal Low Lllumination HD Usb Camera USB2.0 AR0130 Sensor with IR Cut and 2.8-12 Lens Main Specifications Model ELP-USB130W01MT-FV Sensor Aptina AR0130 Lens Size 1/3 inch Pixel Size 3.75um Max. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ELP 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens HD 1080P Webcam for Mac at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

A single camera view of the HD-TVI-D4V camera is selected in the app. Color daytime mode remote view from Android app. This is the infrared view from Android with all of the lights off in the room. The blackout blinds are shut and there is zero light in the room. Dome Wall Mount (Option) We have a available for the HD-TVI-D4V.

This is optional because this camera is capable of being wall or ceiling mounted using the built-in tri-axis mount of the camera lens. This wall bracket does make a nice addition to high end commercial and retail surveillance installations. Fm56pci driver for mac. Product Specification Download the here. Download the here. Recommended Surveillance Installations / Applications CCTV Camera Pros recommends the AHD-D32W for the following types of video surveillance installations and applications. • Indoor surveillance applications only • Installations which require HD video resolution • Different lighting level: bright light, low light or total darkness • Areas with intense background lighting are OK also by using the cameras digital wide dynamic range (WDR) capability • Ceiling mount or wall mount application using the tri-axis mount of the camera lens to orient the lens to the needed angle. • Great for residential, commercial, and government surveillance installations • High-end customers that demand very high quality will be very happy with this camera's performance.

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