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30 A: HomePass is a homebrew method of fooling your 3DS system into believing a Global StreetPass Relay exists in your house. Nintendo released an update to the 3DS StreetPass system in the beginning of August 2013, that would allow users to receive and transmit StreetPass data via Nintendo Zone Wifi Access Points.

Remote StreetPass Relay MAC's / HomePass. HomePass MAC's; Personal MAC's; Nintendo Zones; Hardware; Streetpass Communities.

Lsi logic sas driver Nintendo calls this new system 'StreetPass Relay'. Over at, great minds came together and figured out how to utilize your home WiFi Router/Access Point as a Nintendo Zone StreetPass Relay -- but not just a local one, a GLOBAL relay. You will be able to StreetPass people from around the world. Want tons of streetpasses in a single day, without ever leaving the house?

54 A: Simple. Setup MAC filtering on your router, and have it only allow the MAC for your 3DS. That way no other device can connect to your 'Nintendo Zone' relay. This also means anyone walking by with a 3DS will not be able to connect to it either. **WARNING** If you live in a highly populated area, it's very easy to spoof MAC addresses.

MAC filtering is not a foolproof method of security by any means. Use MAC filtering security at your own risk! Olympus digital voice recorder vn240pc driver for mac. NOTE: You'll need to connect to the router w/ a wired connection to configure it and change the whitelist. ALSO -- it has been mentioned/noted that you can just set up WPA2 PSK security with a password.

HomePass/Streetpass still works, but it will not see it as a Nintendo Zone. 5 Pre-Configured & Pre-Assembled HOMEPASS KIT v2 $95 Raspberry Pi3 A fully pre-configured, pre-assembled, plug-and-play HomePass Kit. This kit contains a Raspberry Pi 3, Built in WiFi, 8GB SD Card, Case & Power Supply. This kit is built, configured & sold by me (FatMagic). Feel free to email me with any questions using my contact info at the bottom of this page. NOTE ** This item is stocked as I configure them, there will be times when the kit is out of stock.


Wait a few days, and I will restock the inventory ** No config needed! Just plug it into your router at home, and your 3DS/2DS will begin receiving streetpasses within minutes. NOTE: You will need to provide an RJ-45 Network Cable to connect to your internet router. This is NOT provided with the kit. An HDMI cable is also NOT provided with this kit, so if you need to visibly see the output from the RPi unit, you will need to find an HDMI cable. Convenient & easiest way to get Homepassing.

But at a higher price. If you wish to 'build it yourself' for a bit cheaper, then use the items listed below.

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