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I successfully installed 10.4.8 today, added C-Media 8738 driver, RTL8139 was recognised and even imediately after install it asked about PPPoE /which my ISP uses/ settings. But I just can't make the SATA devices work.

The instalation HDD is an stone age 10GB Seagate for testing purposes, but all my music/130GB+/, movies, free space, DC++, eMule,torrent downloads, etc is on two SATA drives. I read here and there about this mobo /with VIA chipset/ and Mac OS SATA support on it. First tried a Hardware ID suggest 2-3 time on this forum /0x334./ and nothung happened. Then I booted my Win Server 2003 installation and for Standart Dual Channel blah-blah the Hardware ID was 81CF1043.

It did nothing too. So I am clueless. Download free soho font family rar software downloads How to enable SATA? The HDDs are 2x160GB Hitachi Desktar /no RAID/ if it matters. I made kind of progress after playing in BIOS a bit. The SATA settings are quiet confusing. There is Enable/Disable SATA and two modes: IDE/RAID Then there is JMicron with Disabled/IDE/RAID/AHCI.

When I set it to AHCI in System Profiler under Serial-ATA there are two General AHCI(null). I will give it a few more tries tweaking options. Here are the NOT working BIOS settings: JMicron: AHCI SATA: RAID. I tried one or two more methods, but I just can't get the SATA appear. Could it be the HDDs?

Asus P5vd2 Drivers For Mac

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I came upon a topic, where some guy explained that he had tried various hdds and some of them worked, some not. I have said motherboard and I think was one of the first to flag up the SATA problem. I have found several other users and one of those is attempting to write a driver and make it part of the install DVD iso. I will keep everyone posted if he has any joy but none so far. Best google chrome for mac 10.6.8 2017 - and torrent. Sometime ago I read about the risks of trying to write hard drive drivers and how you could screw up your hard drive and data. At the moment I am using a PATA drive.

There is a bottleneck but it's not especially noticeable; my Asrock setup with SATA is faster but it also has a faster CPU. At some point I will do some real world tests. At the moment I am very content with my setup BUT A word of warning.

I downloaded the JAS 10.4.9 update DVD. Updating my laptop hackintosh worked perfectly once I changed the fsb to - in this case - 133. I then went onto update my P5VD2-MX setup - and it ceased to bootup. It doesn't get past the Darwin loading screen, just a constant reboot loop. Another user told me he had gone with another technique written up on these boards, using the 10.4.9 download from Apple and some editing. The net result was that he couldn't get dmg files to open. I since found him a link on how to fix that but.

Hettich universal 30 rf I was told the Koolkal 10.4.9 method works with the our motherboard. It is available in the same place as the JAS download. If someone else tries it before me, please let us know your results. I successfully updated to 10.4.9 retaining the 10.4.8 kernel and have no problems with it. And yes, I am using a 10GB PATA drive, but my main drives are SATA, so I have no choice. If in the near future there is no way for using te SATA drives I will have to drop Mac OS.Nah, change your motherboard for the cheap but wonderful Asrock 945G dvi. I'm all Sata on that one.

If you overclock you might want to go for a Gigabyte board. I'm sure someone will Sata working on the Asus but I'm not that patient and bought the Asrock a week later. Huge support thread. Very stable board.

It looks as though my friend MAY have cracked it. We had a brief to and fro on editing isos but he seems to have figured out a path and even sent me instructions on how he did it and which I won't post without permission and even then not until he has had some sleep and been over those instructions. Usual disclaimers about backing up your files apply! I should say that at the moment it is little more than a paper exercise that he has managed to subsequently burn to DVD; he found the time to go to bed after that! I'm sure at some point soon he will start a thread or pop into this one.

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