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The Trigger iO connects electronic drum pads to software and MIDI instruments. With an optional third-party drum mount, you can attach it to a cymbal stand. Although seasoned programmers can do amazing things with the tiny rubber squares in most drum pad arrays, traditional drummers prefer the feel of a full-size kit.

Alesis io 26 firewire driver

To suit their desires, Alesis has introduced the Trigger iO ($149), an electronic percussion interface that routes as many as a dozen ¼-inch drum triggers to a computer or sound module through its USB 1.1 and MIDI Out connections. The Trigger iO allows drummers to take advantage of the massive sound libraries in software instruments and to edit drum parts as MIDI sequences rather than audio recordings, without a lot of finger tapping and avoiding the aggravating task of connecting an electronic drum kit's brain to your rig using old-school MIDI ports. Check Your Brain at the Door The Trigger iO is a bit larger than a VHS cassette case and is substantially weightier, with a sturdy metal chassis built for gigging.

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Four rubber feet anchor the bottom, and a Kensington lock provides a security option. Instead of a graphic LCD (which would increase the price considerably), the display comprises only a 3-character LED and ten indicator LEDs.

You navigate settings with four buttons: Function Up, Function Down, Value Up, and Value Down. The bundle includes FXpansion BFD Lite 1.5 (Mac/Win), which runs standalone or as an AU, DXi, or VSTi plug-in and supplies nearly 1 GB of sounds organized into 12 kits. Installing the Trigger iO and the software was straightforward and required no registration or drivers. The Trigger iO's ¼-inch jacks accept TRS plugs for dual-zone drum pads or TS plugs for single-zone pads. Jacks 1 through 8 are labeled Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, and so on, allowing you to connect your pads to correspond with the Trigger iO's presets.

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Alesis states that the Trigger iO is compatible with various manufacturers’ pad triggers including Alesis, Roland, and Yamaha. A Trigger iO Compatibility Guide is available on their website that provides specific pad compatibility and setting information for many different pad manufacturers. The only major manufacturer omitted was ddrum.

The unit also has a dedicated hi-hat pedal input and an input for increasing and decreasing values with a dual footswitch. Audition I connected the Trigger iO to a Roland HD-1 kit and a MacBook Pro and then booted BFD Lite. Because the Trigger iO defaults to BFD Lite's assignments, the drum sounds were correctly assigned to the kit's corresponding pads. The Trigger iO automatically detected the hi-hat pedal input and assigned open and close commands.

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